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This plugin was created for quick login when working locally.

  • For enable autologin just define U_AUTO_LOGIN as true in wp-config.php and if you visit site and not logged in, you will login as administrator.
  • If you want login by special url define U_AUTO_LOGIN_SECRETTOKEN. By visiting http://mysite.com/?u_token=some_secret_token, you will be automatically logged into the account as administrator.
  • To login as certain user define U_AUTO_LOGIN_USERNAME
define('U_AUTO_LOGIN', true);
define('U_AUTO_LOGIN_SECRETTOKEN', 'some_secret_token');
define('U_AUTO_LOGIN_USERNAME', 'admin');

Elena ZH

Elena is a professional detail-oriented WordPress Developer with extensive experience developing WordPress plugins and widgets. She create high-quality responsive WordPress websites using valid and semantic coding practices. In her spare time she has fun with web experiments and enjoys travelling.

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