The e-commerce website checklist

You’re looking to give your store an online presence and you have great ideas on how the website should function and what it should have. But do you have everything? Make sure you’re prepared for your first meeting with a developer with this handy checklist!

About this checklis

This checklist is based on my continual research in to e-commerce best practice.

  • To always keep in mind the customer perspective. Customers should find shopping on your site easy, fast and fun, resulting in quicker purchases as well as repeat business
  • Follow the leaders. We continually look at what the biggest and most successful e-commerce sites are doing. They’ve spent significant time and resources finding out how to sell better online, so it’s a good idea to make use of their learnings.
  • Feedback and analytics. It’s vital that you gather customer feedback and track visitor behaviour. Reviewing the data you collect is an essential part of improving your online store.

The list primarily focuses on ‘on-site’ best practice. The wider topic of digital marketing falls outside the scope of that.







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